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manual beer bottle capping machinery manufacturers

500 tons / day packing line (1.8-5L) Civil production line layout: the third floor, second floor, first floorProduction line equipment consists of: Third floor: carton opening machine, drop box machine, clip bottle conveyor Second floor: Gas washing machine, filling and capping machine (attach cap elevator), put pressure ring, cold glue labeling machine, packing machine, screw conveyor and total control cabinet Equipped with: laser coders, weighing detection machines, large character inkjet printer, transportation equipment First floor: roller conveyor equipment,for stack machines, palletizersStand-alone features:  Filling and capping machine can be a second election in weighing filling in the form and volumetric filling in one of two forms, equipment installation vacuum anti-drip device to ensure that no residual oil droplets to the bottle, equipment design and production using GMP requirements; Packing machine adopts two forms: robot and grab type. The customer can according to their need to configure; Palletizing machine adopts two forms: robot palletizing and traditional shutter. The customer can according to their need to configure; Production capacity: 5L 5000-5500bottles / hour; 1.8L 6000bottles / hour Production accuracy: 5L package+-5ml 1.8L package+-2mlmanual beer bottle capping machinery manufacturerswebsite:http://www.wzfiller.com/food-packing-machine/oil-and-wine-filling-line/

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